Error processing SSI file
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When I try checking if my drive is region locked, I get an ASPI error. What is wrong?

The problem is, there's a missing or corrupt DLL file. You need to replace it for programs like Drive Info to work.

Under Windows 95/98/ME:
Try searching your windows CD for a file called "wnaspi32.dll", it may be within one of the CAB files, so you'll have to use a program that can open CAB files in order to search for this file.

Once found, copy it to your "\Windows\System" directory.

Under Windows NT/2000/XP:
You can download the missing DLL by clicking here. Once downloaded, extract the ZIP file (use 7-Zip if you don't have an installed ZIP extractor).

Once extracted, move it to the "\WinNT\System32" directory (or wherever windows was installed).

Error processing SSI file