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What do I do if I have a locked DVD drive?

Some drives that are factory region locked, may have a firmware update that will make the drive region-free (a firmware is the software that physically resides within your Drive's hardware and controls how it works, similar to a computer BIOS). However, most new drives DO NOT have this option and there is practically nothing you can do except replacing the drive to a region less model (or waiting for someone to make a region-free firmware available, something which may never happen).

If you decide to stay with a region locked drive, you should be able to change the region up to 4 times, allowing you to set a specific region and stick to it. Once you are set on the region, do not change it again. After the fourth change, the drive will become permanently locked on the last selected region.

To check wether your specific drive model (Firmwares are Drive-Specific) has a region-free firmware available for download, click here.

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